"This watch is gorgeous. Thank you!"

Caleb Hagler

The Navigator

For the Modern Day Explorer


Every great adventurer needs a watch, even more so for those who travel to the edge of the horizon and beyond. The distinctive navigational style is inspired by the lines on the compass and sextant, navigational tools that have been used during the age of exploration.

An infusion of West Coast cool and New York attitude, Cameron Yribarren is synonymous with It girl style. Yribarren burst on the fashion scene with her best-selling 'Checking Time Watch' and later expanded her offering with the Cameron Yribarren Collection - a range of luxe city timepieces with a downtown romantic theme.

This timepiece features a pearl silver dial and a precision-engineered case in rose gold. A midnight blue leather strap is paired to give a touch of rugged class to any occasion.


In the summer of 2017, we decided we wanted a striking timepiece centered about the theme of exploration

"Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World"

- Columbus

So what better to inspire the watch than navigational tools?

The long elegant lines radiating from the center are reminicent of the lines on compasses, maps, and the tools used for navigation. The rhinestones set on the end of each gold marking are a direct inspiration from the miliarium of the Roman Empire, which was used as a milestone for the greatest transportation networks of the ancient world.

Throughout history, time has always been a marker of how far an explorer had travelled. Whether hiking on a country road in spring, or relaxing in a cafe on a lazy Sunday, this timepiece is designed with the themes of travel in mind. We have all set out on a new journey at some point in our lives, milestone occasion and we wanted our timepiece to reflect that.

So carpe diem, and set your sights on the next great horizon. We cannot wait to see where you will go with this timepiece.

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